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Too many professional network events water down their effectiveness by allowing anyone to join. As such, their meetings become havens for recruiters, HR professionals, salespeople, and amateurs seeking merely to add to their long lists of contacts, leads, and resources without giving back to the community. Before long, knowledge-sharing sessions are little more than recruiting grounds, and seminars become infomercials and sales pitches.

By carefully vetting and only accepting on new members based on the personal recommendations of memebers in good standing, over the last 20 years, we have fostered an extensive network of more than 150,000 of the best thought leaders and talent in the project management field, ensuring an enriching experience for everyone.


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No "Paper PMP's" or "Fledgling Analysts"

Whether you're a seasoned PMP looking to share your experience with the next generation of talent, a fledgling business analyst looking for practical advice on how to approac a particularly difficult task, or a seasoned consultant looking to network your way up the corporate ladder, our mix of social gatherings, seminars, knowledge sharing sessions, and training classes offer something for everyone.


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Expand your knowledge with new skills or showcase our current expertise.

Our extensive library of articles, videos, and publications is the perfect resource to boost your skill set. Show off your own expertise and build your on-line reputation by authoring content of your own for submission.


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PMO Elite represents the best-of-the-best in project management and analysis.

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Make direct contact with the best minds in the industry across 26 cities and all vertical industries.

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Increase your knowledge and understanding with helpful informational sessions.

Distance Learning Opportunities

Complete certifications and training programs without the time and expense of travel.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Browse our library of whitepapers, case studies, best practice documents, and training materials. Build your reputation by authoring your own.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our members enjoy a hassle-free experience free from salesmen and recruiters.

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